InBody 720, which is used in our lab, uses a small alternating electrical current to measure the bioelectrical impedance to  uantifying body composition. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proved that this harmless method is safe when applied to the human body, even for pregnant women.

InBody 720 divides body composition into 4-components:  total body water, protein, mineral (= fat free mass) and body fat so that it can provide basic information on the correct body condition.

When you are under weight-control, along with the weight, the amount of each component and its proportion in your body change. Although it could be very important, weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish how many pounds are from fat and how many pounds are from fat free mass. Therefore, it is your body composition that is important, not your weight, and the well-balanced ratio of its components is a critical health indicator. What guarantees the beautiful body is the balanced ratio of fat free mass to fat mass.

InBody720 can measure these characteristics of each limb and the trunk separately so you will recieve information about components proportion and dysbalances of your body (see protocol).

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