No.09 - 03.03.2020 17:00:00cet 

Precautions to protect participants from the spread of COVID 19

In connection with the COVID 19 coronavirus epidemic and based on the measures the management of Masaryk University, the WDSF has issued a questionnaire to help inform the responsible authorities about participants of our event. Completion of this questionnaire is obligatory for competitors, for adjudicators and officials, it does not apply to spectators of the event.

Please download the questionnaire here and fill it in advance. If you do not manage to prepare the questionnaire in advance, the forms will be prepared at the entrance to the sports hall, where you will submit them. Participants of the WDSF European Championship Youth 10 Dance will submit it at the check-in desk in the hotel.

Particiants coming from the specified risk areas (see questionnaire) cannot participate in our competitions and are at risk of mandatory quarantine. This measure protects other participants.

At the same time, we can inform you that all recommended sanitary measures have been implemented and the hall is equipped with the necessary sanitary aids.


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